The most expensive 10 cars

The price of any one hundred crore is again 10 crore taka. The price of the car, as well as the features of the car. There are different differences between these vehicles.

1. Pagani Junda Sync Roadster: The price is 12 crores taka for the market. This car’s engine capacity, 5987 cc, is unique and interesting in the world.

2. Rolls Royce Swapettels: The price of the car is about 90 million taka. Unique luxury car but 2 seater! Only one car was created at first.

3. Lamberghini Veneno: The car is released in the market only three times a year. The price is around 67 crore taka. Dubai police bought this car only for speed.

4. Mercedes Bench Mackay: The price of this car is about 56 crores. Generally, the price of these sports cars varies around 40 million rupees. This car is not even more than two or three times a year.

5. Königssegg CCXR Trevita: There are only two cars in the world. In just three seconds, it can speed up to 100 kilometers per hour. This vehicle can run at 410 kilometers per hour! The price is about 34 crore taka.

6. Ferrari Pinnafirina Sergio: This car was built at a cost of 30 crores, only six were made. The engine of the Ferrari 458 Spider model.

7. Bugatti Vernon: When it first came in the market, it was a speedy carriage. The price of this car is around 30 crore taka. Capable of taking 400 km per hour in 32.6 seconds.

8. Ashton Martin Valkaiire: The car costs around 23 million taka. If the owner sells the car, then he can not buy another car in his name in the future. This was said on the company’s Twitter.

9. Lycen HyperSports: The fastest time in the movie ‘Fast and Furious’ has been used for a great action sequence. The price of the car is around 27 million taka Dubai Motor Company plans to leave seven cars every year.

10. La Ferreira FXX: Price is about 16 crores. Ferrari Aperta took time to take 322 km per hour to take seconds and two seconds! There are a total of 40 cars in the market.

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