The 5 most expensive cars in the world

If you look at limousine or BMW, mind is ‘Garden Garden’, then if you see five of the world’s most expensive cars, mind will be ‘bird bird’. If you look like a car or a car with a head on a bond or a batman’s picture, you may think that’s what the movie is about.

But in reality there are many cars in the body. Some of these expensive cars have been made only in a few formasai and sold like hotkake. The five most expensive cars in the world are sulukkundan.


 bugatti veyron super sports


Bugatti Vernon Super Sports

Maximum speed 408.84 km per hour. The car can start with speed of just two and a half seconds, with speed up to 100 kilometers per hour. The price of this computer-controlled car is $ 2.4 million.


lykan hypersport


Lycan HyperSport

The birthplace of this vehicle is Arabia. Made technicians of the country Only 7 cars of this model were manufactured. One of them bought the Emirates Police for patrol. Maximum speed 385 km per hour. Price is $ 3.4 million. There are 4220 carat diamonds installed in the car. If you want, you can place more motilets in the car’s headlights.


lamborghini veneno


Lamberghini Veneno

Literally cypher files in Ekkbar. Maximum speed 355 km per hour. Its engine like Lycan HyperSport is 740 horsepower. Total 9 cars were built. All of them are sold before the formal launches. The price is $ 4.5 million.


koenigsegg ccxr trevita


Koenigaseg CCXR Trevita

The 1004 horsepower engine car has the highest speed of 408.77 km per hour. But its real charisma elsewhere. Kønnigsegg has created a special Diamond Wive by mixing resin, diamond dust and carbon fiber. The whole carpet has been wrapped in the diamond sheets. The price is $ 4.8 million.


maybach exelero


Maybach Excellero

This is absolutely custom-made cars. There is only one in this superstition. Fluga Tires creates this car in order to advertise new tires in 2004. In 2011, Raper Birdman bought the 700 horsepower and the Twin-Turbo V-12 engine car. The price was $ 8 million. Max Speed ​​350.837 km per hour.

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