The most expensive car Mercedes

The uneven road-driving vehicles are becoming more and more luxurious. Prices are rising simultaneously for the reason. These companies are just making a limited number of companies for very high-ups. For example: Mercedes-Benz’s Mbech SUV car in Geneva Motor Show this year. It is said to be the most expensive car it is.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class 650 model has a V-12 engine. Its skin chair will work as an automatic massage for the ascendants, while there are more tea-coffee holders holding and the upper portion (sunroof) can be opened. It will give other adventure adventures in a big way. If you want to get all the money, you will have to pay huge amount. The price will cost $ 5 million. However, this car is not affordable at all, whereas elephants like to wear. However, it has been made to target the upper class, and that is why the company has brought 99 models to this model. Of course, the masidies now invest a lot of money in building electric cars, automotive cars. Like Elon Mask Tesla, they want to bring shock in market, want to catch the middle-class buyers market This strategy is working. Mercedes exceeds sales of BMW in the exclusive model car last year. They are now the world’s top-selling luxury car maker. And enthusiastically, the main company Delema’s research and development budget has increased.

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