10 most expensive mobile phones in the world; Eyes will look at the price!

Without a mobile phone, it is difficult to move one point. It is difficult to say what happened in the past, but in this modern age, a man will understand the movement of a mobile phone, what is going on in his life, and what his mental condition is like! If so, you can easily tell the details about the person. However, anyway the phone matter is all fancy. Everybody tries to put emphasis on pockets, with the emphasis to buy a brand name brand. But, there are people in the world who do not have any big factor to finance. It is a big factor for them to show richness. Nami brand is not mobile, buying expensive mobile is a big factor for them.
The world’s ten valuable mobile-

10. Vertu signature diamond

The Vertu company is famous for creating the LG mobile phone. The whole phone is made of platinum. And while the phone is fully assembled handmade. The phone is fitted with 200 fancy diamonds. Everything is hand-held, machine help is not taken. Erdum is 88 thousand US dollars

9. IPhone Princes Plus

Just be seen, there is a price. The list of the world’s most valuable mobile phones will be made, and Apple’s company will not have the iPhone brand, it can be! The name of the phone is as much as Glamorus. Designer Peter Alloyz, the renowned designer of Austria, designed the phone. The whole phone is covered with gold. And in this, 180 special cut diamonds of 16.50-17.75 grams are installed. The phone costs $ 1 million 76 thousand US dollars

8. BlackDiamond VIPN Smartphone

The maker of this phone is Sony Ericsson Brand. Jarren Goh designed the phone. The phone has Mirror Detelling, Polickerbone Mirror and Organic LED Screen. It is not so easy to put Sony behind the screen details. Two big diamonds are placed on the phone. In a Navigation Key Behind another phone. Its price is $ 3 million.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra

Its design is fantastic too. The name is given from here. Separate the snake design on the phone. The designer of the phone, renowned French Ratnalankar Bokhran. There is a diamond on the phone that has a nasal sized design cut. In addition, round white diamonds, two emeralds are in the eyes of the serpent. There are 438 chunies. The phone costs 3 million to 10 thousand US dollars.

6. Las Vegas’s Jackpot in Grace Lakes

Seeing the phone, I understand how difficult it is. It was first made in Switzerland in 2005. The backcount of 180 grams of gold wrapped in the phone is made entirely of African Blackwood. The wood is 200 years old. And this wood is the most expensive in the world. Sapphire jewelery is placed on the phone. To get the phone to spend 1 million US dollars.

5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The phone uses Windows CE technology. Peter Allenzone designed this phone too. The phone has fifty diamonds installed. Of these, ten diamonds are again scurry. Diamonds are blue in color. You can see the Rosogold color in any part of the phone. The special feature of the phone protects against kidneying and also protects against technological blackmail. And worth $ 1.3 million.

4. Goldwish Le Million

Designer Emanuel Gate, designer of the clock and jewelery design manufacturer, designed the design of this phone. The phone is first to be switched from Switzerland. In 2006, the phone was sold at the Millionaire Fair in Cana, France, in the amount of a record amount. The Guinness Book of World Records also has the name. The phone is covered with eighteen carats of white diamonds and 20 carats VVS 1 diamond. The phone costs more than thirteen million dollars.

3. Iphone triangle kings button

In the list, the iPhone is again at number three. Peter Allenzon of Austria designed the phone The phone has around 138 diamonds. And in the hometown, 6.6 carats are set in white diamonds. And its price is 2.4 million US dollars.

2. Supreme Gold Striker iPhone Trigi 32GB

This iPhone brand is made of 22 carat gold. Weighing 271 grams There are 53 types of diamonds in a carpet area around the screen. The home button has a 7.1-carat diamond set. Apple logo behind the phone is made of diamonds. To make the phone durable, there’s a nookak-top grain leather cover with Kashmir Gold. The price is 32 million US dollars.

1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

The world’s most expensive phone is the head of the iPhone. Designer Stuart Hughes The phone has 100 carat pink and white color and has 500 diamonds. And behind the Apple logo, 53 different diamonds have been set. The front navigation button is made of platinum. On the other hand, a diamond of 7.4 carats and 8-diamond diamonds around it. The phone costs $ 8 million.

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