The most expensive Android phone!

A big feature of Android phones at the hands of buyers is by price. And due to the excessive price, Apple was not less scared. But the price side of the iPhone is an Android phone! And yes, no diamond or gold plating was used for this! This Android phone worth $ 6,500, that is approximately $ 3.5 million, has created British luxury gadget maker Vergi. This phone, called Vertical Constellation, will be released in the market within a few weeks. The reason for the normal price is the design of the phone. The back side has been made of the finest leather. And this soft and rare skin has been collected from one of the oldest tanneries in Europe. And the structure of which is covered in leather is not just plastic or aluminum! Perfect titanium – one of the lightest but tough metals in the world. To avoid scratch, Safer (ruby) has been plated on its screen. Constellation_vertu Not in any factory, every phone has been made individually by the Hampshire in England. So Vertu claims – phones are more than any other phone in the world. And the feeling that will happen if you take it – surely the gold or diamond is different from the iPhone. This is the claim that the phone’s configuration can be simply said compared to the outside glazes. It has 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, 720 pixel-rich screen. It’s powered by Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. That is, if you are an Android fan, then the phone is not for you! Earlier in 2006, Verghee created the most expensive phone of the time – Signature Cobra, which cost around 25 million taka.

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