Walton’s Maid In Bangladesh Laptop At Low Price

Walton has released four models of laptops made in the market. This laptop with ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag has been made in Walton’s own factory at Chandra in Gazipur. The cost of affordable laptops is only between 19 thousand 990 to 23 thousand 550 rupees.

Walton Computer Project Incharge Engineer. Liaquat Ali said that the laptops of the pre-series series have been made considering purchasing power of the students and youth. Attractive design laptops HD display, Intel processor, 4GB RAM, and 1 terabyte hard drive will give amazing performance.

There are also multi-language keyboards used in laptops. In addition to standard English, there are built-in Bengali fonts and Bijoy Bangla software. As a result, anyone who speaks in Bangla will be able to write using this laptop.

He also said that Walton recently signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft, the world’s top software firm, Microsoft. Customers of this genre will receive Microsoft’s genuine software on Walton laptops. From next month, customers will be able to install Microsoft’s Genuine Windows from any of Walton’s outlets. Later, Walton’s new laptops and computers will have Microsoft’s genuine software. This will increase the efficiency and speed of these laptops. Customer information and devices will be safe.

According to Walton sources, the models of laptops made in the country are WPR14N33SL, WPR14N33BL, WPR14N34GR and WPR14NLGLGL14W (WPR14N34GL).

The models used in laptops are 1.1 GHz Intel Intel Apollo Lake N 3350 and N3450 processors. All laptops display 14.1 inches. Screen resolution 1366 by 768 pixels. There are built-in Intel HD Graphics 500 With 4GB of DDR 3 RAM, it will be easy to play or play a favorite game.

To store more files, software, games, movies, etc., all laptops have a terabyte hard drive drive with 7mm SATA interface. As a result of this, there are more space-based hard drive drives.

For the necessary power backup, these laptops are used for 7.6 volts or 5000 mAh battery. There are two built-in speakers for clear and twisted words. The model has 0.3 and 2 megapixel HD camera.

For connectivity, there are 2 USB ports, TF card slots, Bluetooth version 4, wireless LAN, HDMI port, headphone and microphone jack etc.

Dimensions of laptops 329.8 / 217.7 / 22 mm Their weight, including batteries, is only 1.33 kg. The four models of this laptop combine silver, black, gray and gold-colored four colors.

WrapR 14N 33SL and WPR14N33BL model laptops price of 19,990 and 21 thousand 550 taka respectively. And the price of both laptops in the WPR14N34GR and WPR14N34GL model laptops are 22, 990 and 23 thousand 550 taka respectively. All models laptops will have 2 years warranty.

Prior to this, on 18 January, Walton launched a computer factory in Chandra in Gazipur. Within a month of the opening of the factory, the company released 6 models of desktop PC and 2 models of full HD monitor market. Walton left the country’s laptop.

Walton’s product manager Mohammad Abul Hasnat said that the new laptops are now available in the market with 21 models of Walton laptops. Different features and configurations These laptops cost between 19 thousand 990 taka and 79 thousand 950 rupees. The laptops of all models have the highest two-year free after sales service.

Also, Walton has six models of desktop PCs. 3 years warranty, which cost from Taka 23 thousand 550 to 44 thousand 990 Price of one of the models of two models is 13,990. The other is worth 8,550 taka.

On the other hand, Walton’s cargo has various types of gaming and general keyboard and mouse and pen drive. These keyboards are priced at Tk 390 to Tk 1490. And the price of the mouse is between Tk 250 and Rs 590. The price of 16 GB pen drive is between Tk 650 and Tk 950. And the price of 32 GB is between 1000 and 1500 taka.

Note that only 20 percent down payment can be purchased by buyers in 12 month installment of all types of Walton laptops and desktops. There is a wide service network in the country to provide fast and best after-sales service.

For more information, contact Walton’s Customer Care. From any mobile and landphone, call 09613131667 or mobile number 16267.

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