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We have opened this site to visit the free inspector, no charge is applicable for this.

Inspectors do not have to do anything from our site, so there is no chance of asking or giving information about any commercial transaction or any such medium and it is not desirable for us.

You can give us any comments or complaints yourself from the page of Contact Us page, but you can not make any bad comment to any other visitor or any commenter.

Comments on this site are open to everyone’s opinion, but there can not be any comments here, of course, you can not write any link or bad talk or comment on any picture.

Our general terms and conditions cover our site’s Privacy, Terms, Disclaimer, About us all pages, the same message is open to everyone and we have been open from us.

Your liability for all types of data is not yours, we do not collect any data from any inspector, or we do not want any kind of data permission.

The inspector is visiting here on his own, there is no complaint here.